Thursday, September 23, 2010

Turning 33...

I really don't like getting older, although the saying is that you get sweeter with age. Or maybe they were just talking about wine? I just don't want to be like the leftover block of cheese I found in my fridge the other day - discolored, molding, and just plain nasty. Look at what age did to it!
Really can't complain too much, because for 33 I'm still doing good. I'm finally learning how to eat healthier - and like it. That's the key for me. I've been exercising more, which helps me to feel better about myself. Overall I'm doing pretty good.
My husband, however, is in denial about my age. I think that he believes that I was turning 30, because he was trying to plan a surprise party for me, as he has done for the past 3 years (it only worked the FIRST time).
I caught on to his little scheme the week before, through little things that he said, or someone else said, etc. Needless to say, he's not very good at planning surprises! By Friday I knew without a doubt that we were having a BBQ at my house. So I confronted him about it and A-HA! So I spent much of Saturday morning cleaning my house.
Don't get me wrong -- I love having people over, especially since I haven't see some of my friends all summer! I just like to know about it, so I can have my house clean beforehand. Because quite honestly, thats about the only time that some of it gets deep-cleaned. i'm just too busy normally.

So we ended up having some family and friends over, and it was great to see them. =)

The kids all learned the birthday song and sang it for me. Brian did manage to pull out surprise -- a birthday cake from Cold Stone Creamery! My favorite!!

I love my sweet family and friends. I am truely blessed.

Birthday Video

So the kids decided they wanted to do something special for me for my birthday, so they did a little research on youtube, and came up with this song. It's a little hard to understand some of the words, but I'm sure you'll get the main idea. Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics:

Mom it's your birthday
Thanks for all the care and love you give
Not to mention the meals and times I get kinda nervous
And forget to tell you how I feel

Im a little high strung
Its just because Im young
Mom I adore ya
And Ill do anything for ya

Although my brothers make me frantic
With every single crazy antic
And when Im bouncing off the walls
You're the one who stays calm

Because you love me for who I am
I'll always love you mom.

Silver Strikers: First Game of the 2010-2011 Season

First Day of School 2010-2011

5th grade/1st grade

They just keep growing older and bigger every year... Bittersweet to watch your babies grow up....

Labor Day in Salt Lake City

For Labor Day weekend, Brian and I decided to drive down to Salt Lake City to see my brother. We left the kiddos with grandma for the weekend, and my dad drove over from Carson City, Nevada to meet us there.
We knew that it was going to be a long drive - 12 hours on the lonely road - and it didn't help matters that I came down with a cold Friday before we left. We didn't let that hold us back though! We went out for dinner after we dropped on the kids, and then hit the road at 8:30pm Friday night, with a cooler packed with water, 5-hour energy drinks, and snacks. We drove all night -- through Idaho and on to Butte, then headed south. We stopped along the way for gas, and then once at a rest area for a 45 minute nap (neither one of us could go any further without some sleep!). The sun started coming up just as we were getting to the Utah State border. Brian tried to capture it with some pictures, but they just don't do it justice.

As soon we we arrived in Salt Lake, we called my brother and met him at his new place. Then off to a much needed breakfast at Denny's. Since my dad wasn't expected to arrive until later that afternoon, we checked into our hotel and took a MUCH NEEDED nap.
Dad got there around 2pm, and we decided to head downtown for some sight-seeing. Now, none of us are Mormon, but we really wanted to see the headquarters in downtown. We were not dissappointed! It was just beautiful! Lots of fountains, flowers, and amazing architecture.

Afterwards we headed down to Ikea for a quite shopping trip, and ended the night with a delicious treat at Cold Stone Creamery. I was amazed at the fact that neither my brother or my dad have ever been there before! lol...

Sunday morning we were on our own for while, and did lots of driving around town just looking at stores, etc, and trying to find some "utah" souvenirs for the kids. We ended up getting them each a shirt with the University of Utah logo on them, since that is where the Children's Hospital is located - which is where their Uncle David now works. =)
We then met up with the boys, got ready to go to a baseball game. Rather than drive, we hopped on a train which took us right to the field. Lots of interesting people.... but a quick way to travel if you want to avoid the traffic!
The baseball team there is the Salt Lake City Bees - they are a AAA baseball team, so one league higher than the Spokane Indians, I think. It was a fun thing to do with my family - hotdogs and kettlecorn were a must have!

After the game we went down to The Bayou for dinner. They have 100's of different beers there, both local and out of town/state. Brian and David enjoyed researching their next beer and trying new ones. The food there was AMAZING and very affordable. It's definately somewhere I'll go to again, next time we're down there.

Once we were stuffed with good food and beer (Brian - not me), it was time to say our good-byes and hit the road. As we hopped on the freeway, the sun was just making it's way below the horizon, and we were once again traveling through the night, making our way past semi's and roadkill, yearning to get home and crawl in our own bed. We left town at 7:30pm, and arrived home around 9am Monday morning. It took a little longer because we stopped more often for little naps. We even encountered some snow flakes as we got close to Butte. We were a sight for sore eyes once we got home. First thing we did, without even unpacking the car, was shoes off and crashed into our pillows.

It was a great, quick, fun weekend, and I am glad that we were able to share it with my brother and dad!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

*Update* to Graduation

Just to update everyone on where my brother ended up after graduation. After severals weeks of waiting, he was offered a fulltime position at the Childrens Hospital at the University of Utah! It's exactly what he was hoping for, although it is a little far from home. Brian and I drove down there over Labor Day weekend, and he's settling in nicely. It's a great place for him to be, and we wish him the very best in the coming year!
Pictures of our trip to come soon...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My goal this month is to update my blog. I've fallen so far behind that it's really almost impossible to completely update it, but I'd at least like to get some new stuff up and running, and get reconnected with my fellow bloggers. I feel that it is an important outlet for me, and a great way to share things with my family, friends, etc.

In addition, I would like to set up a seperate blog for my baking and photography - two things which I hope to get more involved with in the coming year. So keep an eye out for that one!

Finally, need to do something with my book blog. It got to the point that I was just putting everything that I read on there, with a synopsis of the book. What I would like for it to be is a place where I share books that I really enjoyed (not just read) and an explanation of WHY I enjoyed them and WHY I'd like to share them with others.

So big goals. Busy mom. We'll see how it turns out. Maybe a few of you out there will help keep me accountable and motivated. :-)